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Cold Ones is a Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Anything4Views and co-hosted by Maxmoefoe.


11:10Don't Put This in a Chocolate Fountain...
Don't Put This in a Chocolate Fountain...Ganger 1,2 mill7 dager siden
34:17These CELEBRITIES Will Say ANYTHING For Money!
14:59Testing the WEIRDEST TikTok Life Hacks
Testing the WEIRDEST TikTok Life HacksGanger 1,6 millMåned siden
18:44$50 VS $5000 Blindfolded Alcohol Taste Test
17:08We LEAKED OUR ADDRESS and THIS Arrived...
We LEAKED OUR ADDRESS and THIS Arrived...Ganger 1,6 mill2 måneder siden
15:16We Donated $10,000 to Streamers as Mr Beast
We Donated $10,000 to Streamers as Mr BeastGanger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
19:58We Tricked Brands into Sending us Free Stuff
We Tricked Brands into Sending us Free StuffGanger 1,9 mill2 måneder siden
13:02Drunk Australians Attempt Graffiti (ft. Lushsux)
25:58We Paid Animators $10,000 for THIS?
We Paid Animators $10,000 for THIS?Ganger 2,6 mill3 måneder siden
20:32These "As Seen on TV" Cooking Gadgets SUCK
These "As Seen on TV" Cooking Gadgets SUCKGanger 3,7 mill3 måneder siden
18:35Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol
Trying the World's Strongest AlcoholGanger 7 mill4 måneder siden
17:26Testing FLAMMABLE TikTok Life Hacks
Testing FLAMMABLE TikTok Life HacksGanger 2,2 mill4 måneder siden
10:06Don't Air Fry These Things...
Don't Air Fry These Things...Ganger 1,6 mill4 måneder siden
11:38Doing Every Old Internet Meme Challenge
Doing Every Old Internet Meme ChallengeGanger 2 mill5 måneder siden
14:48Paying Food Delivery Drivers to Eat With Us
Paying Food Delivery Drivers to Eat With UsGanger 1,3 mill6 måneder siden
17:08Don't Blend These Things...
Don't Blend These Things...Ganger 2,1 mill7 måneder siden
15:44Drunk Painting from Memory
Drunk Painting from MemoryGanger 1,4 mill7 måneder siden
24:52We TRICKED CELEBRITIES into Saying This...
We TRICKED CELEBRITIES into Saying This...Ganger 1,6 mill7 måneder siden
37:35I Did a Thing Does a Thing | Cold Ones
I Did a Thing Does a Thing | Cold OnesGanger 1,2 mill7 måneder siden
16:56We Spent $10,000 on the Dumbest Gifts
We Spent $10,000 on the Dumbest GiftsGanger 1,8 mill8 måneder siden
35:32Tweet or Drink ft. @Fitz & @SwaggerSouls | Cold Ones
38:46Belle Delphine | Cold Ones
Belle Delphine | Cold OnesGanger 6 mill10 måneder siden
13:28Belle Delphine Sent Us This Mystery Box!
Belle Delphine Sent Us This Mystery Box!Ganger 2,1 mill11 måneder siden
35:38Sean Evans Talks Hot Ones While Drinking Cold Ones
13:36We Gave Streamers $10,000 to Do This...
12:07These "As Seen on TV" Products SUCK
13:35Testing VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks
Testing VIRAL TikTok Life HacksGanger 2,9 millÅr siden


  • Music at 12:04 ?

  • And so ended the Elmo Arc

  • 13:54 panned cakes

  • what was the plan


  • 17 minutes of Chad and max simping for each other

  • Rewatching maxmoefoe and realized how much i miss Jeff fr

  • My screen just stopped at 8:14

  • At least he has a head I thought he is just hands and legs

  • I love how when one actor refuses a cameo then Gilbert is always there to make up for it

  • [ [ [ [ [

  • keem is such a pussy didnt even down 1 jaguar

  • Everclear is all you need

  • Theres a 120$ bottle of tequila in cozumel, it's aged in a barrel and you'll love it like its water

  • Holy crap...I remember being a teenager and had a cold, and my mom said "Here! This will clear stuff up!" ...and she handed me a shot of Stroh. 20 years later, still feel the burn.

  • Had the Tiki fire at a bar i was working at, would definatly recommend grabbing a bottle and trying it. Bussin



  • In philipines some old man drink tanduay 80% bottoms up in one drink

  • How Old is Lushsux?

  • did you guys stay in contact with him after this?

  • The video was gross, it reminds me of Frank Good times

  • "Aw, it's a rum! Rum drinkers beat their wives!" Fucking sent me lmao

  • Prezohs editing is top fucking tier

  • Max casually predicting Pewds getting 100 mil subs

  • i love drinking along to this show, Getting in on the vibe.

  • Koks ?

  • Anyone else see chad's tabs

  • aid car

  • 10:06

  • Max is wearing an EOD face shield😂

  • Im crying right now. They turned toy soldiers into an unassuming liquid 🤣😂


  • Ther’s one more alcohol- DENATURAT

  • Have you set a timer for the chicken australians: NOUWR

  • 7:41 what is what fragrance boss?

  • This like drunk scrim and ruby from UK lmfao

  • 30:31 chad almost says a word 😳

  • "In Japan, everyone speaks English." 🤣🤣🤣 I disagree. I stayed in Kadoma, Osaka... the outskirts of Osaka... and nobody spoke English. It's the main reason I can speak Japanese 🤣

  • My liver is quaking…

  • Chad is just a fatter Post Malone

  • Belle in october: I've never shown real nudity december 25 2020

  • me powering chocy milk down my throat mm im alcoholic

  • 25:13 time stamp for myself

  • The watermelon scared the shit out of me too

  • I was taking a big hit on a blunt when he said the vegetable line 💀

  • Ok I’m one of the people who watched my name is earl and that crab man cameo had me dying of laughter

  • Damm that thumbnail was too hard I couldn't resist...

  • Fucking legends

  • 59:27 n word moment

  • 90s and up just drys your mouth in a bad way

  • as someone who smells a *hint* of vodka and cringes like I just took a shot, seeing them just drink these and have no reaction blows my mind

  • "Louis the 8th" (Shows Louis the 13th)

  • You think they would have learned from the air frier video

  • 11:00 yuriy fucking dies

  • Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos 🎈

  • This is like the episode in a cartoon where they go to a different country and meet their counterparts. And their counterparts are just the same personalities with more Nation stereotypes.

  • This Vid Feels Like A Fever Dream For Some Reason xd

  • I was waiting to see the Wray and nephews

  • I... actually liked the sand witch shirt...

  • They fucked the last girls brain

  • I'm watching this in September 2021...and I miss this

  • This is one of my favorite videos on NOwine.

  • I got an ad for the real hasslehoff after the video

  • Why did it squirt like that

  • My boyfriend and I are watching this stoned as fuck. The blending Elmo bit is hilarious. Big up to Chad and Max as well as their AMAZING editor and team❤️❤️❤️ P.S we love you guys you’re jokes 😂💁🏼‍♀️

  • epic

  • epic

  • epic

  • epic

  • That amoung us joke right at the start was like 2 dads trying to fit in with the kids

  • Stop screaming

  • Iam not sure what his name is, can he possibly say it one more time


  • so what im seeing is some fools mixing light n dark liqour

  • Jesus Christ the amount of glass dust inhaled in this video